Hence This Blog

I love to write. Hence this blog.

Two types of people exist in the world: those who use the Oxford comma and those who don’t.

I cringe when text messages are not proofed and formatted Turabian-style, and if possessives are still incorrect on a billboard or branding, I deeply question the sustainability of society.

You better believe I was that person who submitted college papers a week early and struggled to keep within the page limit. On multiple occasions, I contemplated writing a book . . . and finally decided to start a blog.

I write on a weekly schedule I set for myself {and have kept for 2.5 years . . . Type A much?}, and every new post is, to me, a thrilling adventure and a priceless opportunity.

I am opinionated. Hence this blog.

I often consider topics about which I could easily write 500 words. Titles may include:

  • Why Mayonnaise Shouldn’t Exist
  • The Time I Came Home to A Sewer Catastrophe on Christmas Day
  • How Vacuuming Solves the World’s Problems
  • For the Love of Black Olives
  • How I Suddenly Become a Germophobe When an Animal is in the House
  • Why I Prefer Walking Over Driving But Rarely Act Upon It
  • 20 Reasons Why Dr. Pepper Is Coke and Sprite is Coke and Root Beer is Coke and Coca-Cola is Coke
  • If You Do Nothing Else All Day, Please Wipe Down the Counters
  • Please Don’t Make Me Eat McDonald’s

Those would be fun, and I’d probably get a lot of “likes” and “shares,” because people appreciate dogmatic writing about stupid things.

And then there are legit topics like:

  • The Strange Reality of Offended Christians
  • Why Birth Control Doesn’t Make Sense
  • Why I Will Honor President Trump As My President and Why I Didn’t Vote for Him
  • When I Sit Across From An Abortion-Minded Mother
  • Why This Homeschooler Laughs at Homeschoolers and Wants to Homeschool Her Kids

Needless to say, I am opinionated. It wouldn’t take much for me to start a firestorm or two {because Facebook obviously needs more of those}.

But . . .

I love the Bible. Hence this blog.

The thing is – diets and habits and preferences don’t really matter. When you think in terms of eternity, are you really gonna spend an hour perfecting a post about mayonnaise?

And you know what – you can enter the war zone of political views, and ethical views, and theological views, and you-name-it views, but what good is that really going to do?

I love to write, and trust me, I’ve got opinions to share, but what good is accomplished by simply sharing my opinion?

Life is short. Hence this blog.

I needed something Unshakeable on which to stand. So I decided to put my opinionated side to good use and write about the Bible.

It’s uninteresting to most, boring to many, and too familiar to those who claim to love it. But life is short. And time is precious. And the words I speak must be sent forth like sharp arrows that hit the mark.

So I write about the Bible, because if I point people to the Word, I can’t wrong. If people read my blog, then by God’s grace, the beauty of his Word might grow in their hearts and transform their lives. If no one reads it, I am still successful – the process of study, meditation, and written expression will having burned the Word more deeply into my own soul.

I love to write. And while I would love to persuade every reader of the value of my own opinions, I love the Bible more and would rather people be changed by that.

Hence this blog.

 [image credit: unsplash.com]

3 thoughts on “Hence This Blog

  1. I enjoyed your reasons for writing a blog – mainly because you love your Bible and love God. I chuckled at your opinion list of blog titles, and the legit titles sound like ones you may have already written. I began my blog to share my stories about my childhood and raising our children, and the golden years – – – enough to fill 3 books which I had self published and sold a few and gave many away to family and friends. Thank you for sharing your love of writing with us here at Tell me a Story.

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  2. This was one of my favorite posts….resonated on so many levels! Except the mayonnaise…who doesn’t like mayo??? ;D The wording, and the style, and the presentation, and just all of it…perfect. You probably hate all of my dots though, hehe.


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