Not a Fan of Homeschooling {But a Fan of the Bible}


This is not what you think it is. It’s just not.

This is not a rant about homeschooling. I was homeschooled K-12, and I loved it. I am a huge fan of homeschooling. Don’t judge a blog post by its title.

Everyone is dogmatic about everything these days. Black and white. Do or die. You’ve got to be over-the-top crazy about something or adamantly opposed to it, and you’ve got to wear that badge until it defines you – becomes your label.

So when people post an article about education that you don’t like, you rant and rave about how homeschooling is the only biblical way to go. Or how it’s not.

Sports. Diet. Makeup. Politics. Coffee.

Plexus this. Essential Oils that.

Always breastfeed; never vaccinate.

Or vice versa.

People give their lives to this stuff {or so says their Facebook timeline}.

A great cause is no longer great if it’s always in capital letters.

If it seems to be the only language a person knows. If it becomes their label.

I am as anti-abortion as they come. But if I blast Planned Parenthood with every breath and boycott every supporter and have not love?

The smartest, most ethical, conservative Christians often go days without the Bible. Not because they don’t own a copy of it. But because they’re too busy advertising a product or belief. They’ve spent years on a soapbox that won’t do any good if the Word didn’t lead them there.

And if the Word leads you there, then rant and rave about the Word.

Yes, there’s a place for other passions and pursuits, small business, fun and games, and conversations about everyday life. But what if you advertise the Word, and declare the Word like your paycheck and your health and your kids and your life and your very existence depends on it? {First you have to read it, and know it, so there is that . . .}

Yes, I’m a fan of homeschooling. But that’s a side note.

Because I’m much more a fan of God and his Truth. The debates about other stuff so pales in comparison, I rarely bother. If I have opportunity to speak – in person or online – I will most often choose to declare the Words worth speaking. The Words worth a high level of dogmatism. The Words worth some soapbox time.

That’s the label I want.

When the fads and the hype and the “pressing issues” are gone, the Word remains. And I want to be left standing on that.

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7 thoughts on “Not a Fan of Homeschooling {But a Fan of the Bible}

  1. I believe that it was C.S. Lewis who warned against “Christianity plus” as in Christianity plus a vegan diet — or plus homeschooling, etc. You’ve said it well — we end up offending someone — not with the Gospel, but with our additives.

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  2. Amen. I was just thinking something along these same lines this morning. What if we lived for Jesus without shouting, but by loving? Crazy, right?

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