Who Are We?

How well do you know us?

Read the 16 clues below to answer the question: WHO ARE WE?

  1. We hear of this new famous guy.
  2. We want to see firsthand what he will do, so we follow him.
  3. We follow closely and continually.
  4. We are rather baffled by his words.
  5. We follow him wherever he goes, and we fight to get a closer look.
  6. We try hard to keep up with him, but it’s not always easy.
  7. We sometimes don’t notice when he disappears.
  8. We gather around to hear him talk, and sometimes crazy things happen.
  9. We just don’t want to leave.
  10. We are persistent and large.
  11. Some days, we sit astonished.
  12. Other days, we fall into the shadows.
  13. For a few conversations, we remain silent.
  14. We bring swords and clubs.
  15. We cry out, “Crucify him!”
  16. And when the most glorious moment happens, we miss it.


The crowd.

Read the book of Mark from the perspective of the crowd. The above “clues” are one per each of Mark’s 16 chapters.

 [image credit: unsplash.com]

3 thoughts on “Who Are We?

    1. Haha, thanks. Came up with this on my own. Have been studying the Book of Mark for almost two years, and just started noticing the crowd’s perspective. Wasn’t super pleased with my chapter synopses, but oh well. Curious . . . at what point did you know I was referring to “the crowd”?


      1. I’ll confess I’m the kind of person who usually scrolls to the end of a blog post before I start reading it from the top. The chapters can probably all be tweaked if more reflection, but I’m stunned at the general thesis you were able to observe at the macro-level of the book. Mark certainly is a curious Gospel, doesn’t waste much time with details and always emphasizes the action. Your insight makes me realize it might say just as much about the people witnessing the events as it does the events themselves.

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