Please Read Isaiah’s Boring Blog

If Isaiah were a blogger, would you subscribe?

You know . . . Isaiah.

Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Isaiah.

I mean, I wouldn’t.

I’ve spent the last three years reading and studying the Book of Isaiah.

And I’m only halfway there.

That. book. is. a. struggle.

And I think to myself . . .

“You know, if Isaiah were a blogger, I wouldn’t read his stuff.
It doesn’t have enough appeal.
It’s not light and fluffy or controversial enough.
It’s not the type to go viral.
It’s confusing, intense, heavy, strange, convicting stuff.
Who reads annoying, boring bloggers like that?”


Isaiah is the Bible.

And thus, he inherently earns the right to be valued above most else we choose to read these days.

So, as you scan through your Bible, don’t scroll past Isaiah.

And Nahum, and Habakkuk, and Haggai, and those other unpopular guys.

Stop. Read. Like. Share.

This is the viral-worthy stuff everybody’s missing.

Let’s get it out there and show the world that Isaiah’s “blog” is anything but boring.

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5 thoughts on “Please Read Isaiah’s Boring Blog

  1. It’s definitely important to read ALL of the Bible. God gave it all to us for a reason and it’s living and active, so there are nuggets in each book that we need to see. I’ve studied Isaiah a couple of times a couple different ways and it’s certainly a lot to take in. I couldn’t have done it on my own. I was thankful for a Bible study class to help walk me through it.

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  2. You have been studying Isaiah for three years!? Wow!! Haha, your post actually made me want to read this book and study it now, great work! Recently, my church did a message series on Haggai, and it was incredibly interesting, but yes, overlooked!

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    1. Yes, 3 years. And probably 3 years to go, because we’re only half way through! Hard stuff, but very rewarding. I love studying slowly, as I feel like I learn so much more that way. 🙂


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