How A Life Is Born . . . Or Dies

What if I told you life is made of actions?

Many would protest and offer some grand, all-encompassing, perhaps biblical or gospel-saturated answer that would knock this post completely out of the water. That’s okay. I’d probably agree with them. But just hang with me for a second.

Think about the things you do. You eat, read, exercise. You go to school. You drive a car. You meet people, and go on vacation, and attend church. You celebrate birthdays, get married, have children, and buy stuff. You worship. You build relationships. You attend weddings and funerals. You sleep, work, check social media. You complain, laugh, cry, sing, worry, create, paint, hide, crawl, swim, speak, party.

In some sense, these actions are the stuff of life.

Now, what if I told you actions are made of decisions? I mean, how do you end up doing the things you do without first deciding to do those things?

And what if I told you decisions are made of thoughts? You can only decide one thing or another by thinking on it.

Now, get this.

What if I told you thoughts are built by meditation? In other words – the thoughts you think are a result of the things on which your heart dwells.

So the question is: What is the stuff on which your heart dwells?

For our heart’s meditations lead to thoughts, and thoughts lead to decisions, and decisions lead to actions, and actions make a life.

Do you see? A life is born – or dies – by the meditations of the heart.

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3 thoughts on “How A Life Is Born . . . Or Dies

  1. Amen! I love Psalm 15 and 119. They tell us so much about meditating on the Lord. His fear is the beginning of wisdom. And how much better would my life be if all my actions were wise!


  2. Yes and amen, Lydia! The meditations of our heart ❤️soooo influence our thoughts! It shapes then what we believe then corresponds with what we do. I’m so grateful the Lord continues to impress this upon my heart. Thank you for reminding us of how important it is—a life well lived.

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