My Favorite App

What makes me giddy? This.

I am beyond excited about an app that has just been released,
created by a fellow Bible-studier and gifted leader at my church.

What is it exactly?

Basically this:

My favorite methods, tips, & tools for intentional Scripture-saturation – everything I push for on this blog – in an app.

How amazing is that?

It’s simple. Powerful. Life-changing.

And it’s FREE.

And you can save your studies. #bestjournalever

And if you want to use it online, you can do that, too, at

“True Words will help you to understand the Bible and apply it to your life. Choose a Bible passage that you want to study and then begin to engage with the text through immersive, guided activities. These activities will help you to understand what the passage says, discern what it means and finally to apply it specifically to your life.”

Watch the short clip below, and then download the app and get to work!

[image/video credit:, used by permission]

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