This Trust of Mine

On what do I rest this trust of mine?

Today, I stand in the face of something quite impossible. Something that always gets the better of me. That has a reputation for winning. It is overwhelming. The odds don’t stack up. Deliverance from this sort of thing just doesn’t come.

I say I trust in the Lord, but do I? I say he will deliver me, but will he? Do I really believe he will?

I stand before this enemy, this giant, this ever-victorious force, and I want to say I trust in the Lord to deliver me, for I know that those words – mere words – are strategy and power for war. But then I find myself trusting in others, in professionals, in human knowledge, in this practice or that trick or that potential cure. Such altars must be removed, for my God is One.

And when all hell would seek to sway me, I must stand firm. And with silence that shouts the words I know to be true, I must show the world where I rest this trust of mine.

Not in that which can’t deliver. Not in those who cannot save.

They haven’t rescued yet a one, because they can’t. But my God can.

No, I’m not being misled. I’m not deceived. And I’m not naive.

I rest this trust of mine in he who is trustworthy. Who has delivered, and does deliver, and who will yet deliver.

May this anthem ever rise from my frail, weak lips until the Day of Deliverance.

The above reflection was written in response to the truths of Isaiah 36.

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