2018 Memory Challenge

2018 memory challenge

Welcome to our 4th Annual Memory Challenge!

The Challenge is to memorize a chapter of God’s Word in the month of January.

And this year, we’re memorizing a chapter – any chapter – of Hebrews!

Each chapter of Hebrews is between 13 and 40 verses long, and any chapter qualifies, so simply choose your challenge level!

Not sure what Hebrews is all about? Check this out for a quick overview of its chapters and themes.

{And if you really want a challenge, join me and my friend as we aim to memorize the entire book of Hebrews in 2018, at a rate of a little over a chapter a month!}

How to Complete the Challenge:
Quote the entire chapter word-for-word to a friend by midnight, February 1.

How to Join the Challenge:
Leave a comment below to join the Challenge, and let us know which Hebrews chapter you are choosing. A small gift will be awarded to each person who completes the Challenge.

And don’t forget to share and invite {using the social media buttons below} so others can join, too!

***Special thanks to the 20 participants of the 2018 Memory Challenge! And congrats to the following participants who completed the Challenge!

Heb 1: Anna M, Kea H, Kristin B, Sarah P, Susie K
Heb 4: Lindsay H, Nathan B
Heb 12: Beth C

 [image credit: pixabay.com & journeyoftheword.com]


22 thoughts on “2018 Memory Challenge

  1. Ahhh, I love this idea! And I’m so excited to start, but I’ll be a good girl and not cheat and wait til Monday. 😉
    Oh, and I’m going to do chapter 4! (My sister and our friends are doing subsequent chapters so we can recite together, in a row. 🙂 )


  2. Ok, I’ll go for it. In the past I’ve memorized from the middle of Hebrews 10 to the end of the book. So I’ll break from the pattern here and memorize James 2 instead. If I find myself with time on my hands (ha!), I might try to review Hebrews 13. 🙂

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  3. Okay, I’m going to jump on board! Thank you for the invite! I’ll start with Hebrews 1….and might just continue with you to memorize the whole book this year. My brain will turn 60 soon — so this won’t be as easy as it used to be for me, but I need a boost to get back to memorizing blocks of Scripture.


    1. YAY!!!! I’m so excited! We may have to chat along the way! I’ve finished chapter one pretty solidly, and my goal was to be up to 2:12 by today, but those last five verses or so are pretty shaky. Anyway, yes, do it! It will be awesome! I’d love to hear how you’re doing at various points. And definitely let me know if you complete the whole thing in 2018!! 🙂


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