No Freedom, Only Corruption


Have peace in the knowledge of God and Jesus. We are given all we need for a godly life, and precious promises.

Our faith is increased by practicing godly characteristics which allow us to be fruitful servants of Christ. If we are not displaying these characteristics, we are forgetting the forgiveness we received when we became believers. Practicing to make these characteristics a part of our lives helps to prevent us from falling into sin.

Through this, God will give you entrance into heaven. I know I will die soon, so I want to remind you of these things now so that you will be able to recall them after I’m gone.

Our reports of the presence and power of Jesus Christ are based on eyewitnesses’ events, not simply rumors. The prophecy of his return is our hope and light, validated by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

There will be false prophets among the masses who will bring destruction, even to the point of denying our Master. Some people of the masses will follow in the false prophets’ footsteps and the truth will be blasphemed. This greediness leads to condemnation and more destruction.

As seen throughout the Old Testament (i.e. the story of Noah and the great flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, the casting of sinful angels into Hell, etc.), the Lord reserves judgment for the unrighteous, and brings deliverance and rescue to the righteous.

Those who live for themselves have no shame, as even angels would. Like Balaam, their greedy hearts lead them to blaspheme, revel, deceive, and entice, even while they are in fellowship with you. And they will be destroyed.

False prophets and teachers are headed toward darkness. They speak folly and entice through passion those who are weak in flesh and living in sin. There is no freedom, only corruption in them, and they are overcome. Those who are in Christ and have fallen victim to them are better off not having known righteousness at all, for they turned away from the holy commandment given. They are no better than dogs returning to their own vomit or a sow to its mire after washing.

Just like I said before, I want you to remember what the prophets and our Lord himself has said. Many will try to lead you away from this truth, overlooking the promise and pretending to laugh it off. But it is a fact: the world came into being by a word, and it will be destroyed by that same word.

Remember this one fact, dear ones: that God’s timing in all matters is completely different from ours. His is an eternal perspective. Therefore we cannot count His timing as slow. Indeed the opposite is so. He is always faithful to keep His promises. Therefore be ready for the day of the Lord when all things will be made new. Live godly lives in anticipation of that day, looking expectantly for that day.

Since you are still waiting for the second coming of the Lord, be diligent to remain holy. Although many will ignorantly twist what has been written by Paul and other apostles, do not get carried away in their error. It is dangerous! Instead, be patient and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ whose glory is forever!

During an 8-week study of 2 Peter, a dozen women were each assigned one complete sentence from the passage
and to summarize in their own words. The above compilation (slightly adapted) is the result.
Read with a copy of 2 Peter in hand and see how they did!

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