How to Translate Me

This is how I think, this is what I say, and this is what I mean. Should you ever find yourself needing to translate me, I’ve created my very own personal dictionary. Right here.

Apply: what to do at the very end, after everything else has been done, and not before; often forgotten; known to happen automatically

Bible: an old-fashioned term for the greatest Story ever told

Black Notebook: the Word copied in wide-margin, double-spaced, large print for endless discovery and journal-making, concealed in an ordinary, black, 3-ring binder as a potential evangelism platform

Book Study: study of a man-made book; not the same as Bible study

Cemetery: where perspective is and distractions are not, i.e. ideal Scripture-study environment

Colored Pencils: how dots are connected and Scripture study journals are made

Commentaries: the enemy of discovery; taboo ’round here

Journal: a colorful, perpetual, mind-blowing record of the journey

Journey: growing in knowing the God of the universe revealed in the Word

Joy: one self-gratifying, God-glorifying result of the journey; indestructible

Inductive: the highfalutin, technical term for the study method I love

Interpret: what to do for weeks before applying; tread carefully

Observe: what to do for weeks before interpreting; difficult to accomplish without interpreting

Read: to skim mindlessly

Saturation: when the journey becomes a lifestyle

Scripture Songs: the only music guaranteed to hold 100% truth

Soak: to ponder for days and weeks on end

Study: to think and ask questions and discuss and comprehend and meditate

Word: a single word used to describe the thousands upon thousands of words in the Word of God, the Bible

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