God Wrote Something For Me

Thousands of years ago, God wrote something for me.
He wrote in a language I couldn’t understand.
And centuries later, he sent translators.
He used terminology and imagery that wouldn’t make sense to my modern eye.
And he sent his Spirit along to teach me.

Thousands of years ago, God wrote something for me.
A revelation of himself.
So that when I appeared on the scene, I could know him.
A revelation of the gospel.
Twenty some-odd centuries ago.
So that in 1991, my opened heart would believe.

Thousands of years ago, God wrote something for me.
Though ancient, it would get me through today.
And help me understand yesterday.
And prepare me for tomorrow.

Thousands of years ago, God wrote something for me.
A Book that would stand the test of time.
And would one day land in my hands.
So that in 2018, and in every year to come, I might read a Book.
And by grace, be changed.

 [image credit: unsplash.com]


One thought on “God Wrote Something For Me

  1. Lydia, I cannot adequately express what this post means to me. I am blessed by your blog, and enjoy seeing it in my mailbox. To just contemplate the fact of God’s having written words to us, it is too wondrous. To realize that His Son is the exact replica, exact translation of those words… For the rest of my life, to realize this, what joy. Thank you for these wonderfully written words. I have a special respect for the name Lydia. The woman who told me about Jesus, is named Lydia. I had always thought that we were all going to heaven. I never knew. Just never knew. I love to remember the night I learned about the Lord, at a women’s Bible study. I had no idea what a Bible study was. Lydia invited me. Tears of joy, as I learned who Jesus is. Bless you, Lydia, as you follow His lead, and bless us.


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