My #1 Bible Reading Tip

I’m no Bible expert, but I do love my Bible. Over the past few years, I’ve had a blast experimenting with “new” and fun ways to soak in the Scriptures, to discover what God says, and to enjoy the Lord and his truth in the process.

But of all the Bible reading tips I’ve shared, it really boils down to this #1 tip: Don’t just read your Bible; study it.

Now, that might seem like a strange tip to choose as #1. But it’s no joke. I am continually blown away by the realization that there are Christians who simply read their Bibles. They read their Bibles. That’s all they do. They just read it!

Please understand, reading the Bible is wonderful. So much can be gained by reading the Word of God. It is a precious gift I do not take for granted. But please hear me when I say – reading is only the first step!

I mean, really. You think reading the Bible is great?? Oh friend. Meditating on the Bible is so much greater. Digging into it and pulling it apart and mining the treasure within? There is nothing like it.

“Oh, I go to Bible studies now and then,” you say.

No. No no no.

I’m not talking about “now and then.” I’m talking every day.

You can’t read the Bible daily and study it now and then. You just can’t. Take my word for it!

Almost every single day, I’m studying my Bible like it’s got a secret passcode hidden in it. Because it does, and you ain’t gonna find it by skimming the pages, my friend.

“Now, how does this ‘study’ thing work?” you ask.

Well, that’s where all my other tips come in (try this and this). There are so many different ways to study the Scriptures, it’s quite an adventure! But really, the specific method doesn’t matter as much as the depth you attain.

So dive in, my friend. Read, then explore, and discover, and search long and hard. Some of those beautiful truths lie right at the surface, ready for the taking. Others require a fine-tooth comb, and even then, there is more gold than our eyes will ever know. Make it your aim to find it all.

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