Who Done It?

Alright, let’s figure this thing out. Who sinned first? We’re not talking about Satan. Yes, before humans existed, he decided he wanted to be God and got kicked out of heaven, and a bunch of other angels did, too. For our purposes here, that doesn’t count. We’re trying to decide between Adam and Eve. Ask … More Who Done It?


What is greater than death? Life. Life is greater than death. But everything within us screams otherwise. What is the one thing we fear most? Death. What is the one thing we cannot prevent? Death. What does every pain and heartache and hospital bill tell us? Death. We must face the inevitable. Death is coming. For death is … More Greater

One Out of Twelve

Every so often, the awful news comes. Another one has left the faith. Walked away from God. Abandoned family and friends. Had an affair. Joined a cult. Gone off the deep end. Ended their life. Failed. Fallen. Denied Christ. As with all sin, these tragedies threaten our churches, our ministry, our unity as the body … More One Out of Twelve