seeds family worship

Introducing my new favorite Scripture-song artists.


When a friend told me about Seeds Family Worship, I had no idea how much I would love their music and their mission.

“‘Seeds Family Worship’ is a music-based ministry that creates modern, relevant, word-for-word Scripture songs for families.”

They have eight fabulous albums, plus an album designed specifically for teenagers.

I recently bought their set of eight, and let me tell you . . .

1) They have the greatest deals.

-They send you two copies of the album you order so that you can give one away . . . sowing seeds . . . {how cool is that}
-They cut the cost almost in half if you buy all eight {highly recommended}
-You can listen online to the full-length tracks of all their albums – for FREE. Not the most convenient for daily listening (gotta buy their stuff for that), but it’s a great way to try them out.
-They even share FREE downloads on a regular basis.

. . . and that’s just to name a few! This Christmas, they handed out 100 FREE copies, just because they’re awesome like that.

2) Their music is high-quality, fun, and enjoyable for the whole family!

Designed to appeal to children and adults alike, Seeds has crafted some well-written, modern songs that are singable and easy-to-learn . . . and, my favorite – they’re word-for-word Scripture, so they help to get the Word stuck in your head, which is exactly what I’m looking for.

{Side note. The first several albums are NIV, but they made a switch to ESV a few albums ago. As an ESV-fan, I highly approve.}

Seeds Family Worship songs are upbeat and unique, representing a variety of styles. They know how to keep you guessing.

The Scripture reference is almost always included, so you can easily memorize that, too. Now, if you’ve heard Scripture songs in which the reference was sung, trust me – with Seeds, it’s not as weird as you might imagine. Well, it depends on what you imagine. But I think you should give it a try.

One might think this is kids’ stuff. Call me a kid, but I love Seeds, their songs and their mission. And I say, “It’s not just for kids. If you think it is, then learn to be a kid again.”

3) And there’s more.   . . . resources, videos, events . . .

So check ’em out!


Here’s one to get you started.

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6 thoughts on “seeds family worship

  1. This Jason Houser….Seeds Missionary and Worship Leader…and we were so blessed by your blog!! We LOVE getting to be the Lord’s instruments and are so thankful to be sharing the Good News of Jesus through music. We are excited for what we believe the Lord has in store for us next year….new ways to support families in teaching the next generation about the Lord.


  2. We found out of them a few years ago while staying with a friend at IHOP in Kansas City. I LOVE them and we have used them in our home school lessons. Thanks for spreading the word so more moms can find out about them!


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