year 27

A new-found love of mine is finding ways to keep God’s Word on my mind
and on the minds of others.

Read it. Study it. Illustrate itRetell itListen to it. Sing it. Memorize it.

Doodle it and hang it on your wall.

First, a thought on Scripture and art.

The words God says are no light matter.
They should be understood properly and taken seriously.

Plastering Scripture on your wall is no indication
that you have any knowledge regarding the words you frame.

Nor does it mean you believe them or live them.
And I dare say, to pretend such is to shame the holy Word of God.

Romans 5:8 Canvas Print

That being said – for people of God who treasure the Word of God
and seek to live it, to love it, and to allow it to fill their minds,
Scripture art is just another fun, creative way to pursue that desire.

{especially for all you innovative ladies out there
with tasteful home-decor interests and abilities}

For our first Scripture-art feature:

Joshua 1:9 Art Print

Jill‘s 28th birthday was 12-12-12, and she wanted to do something.

For her 27th year of life, she doodled a new Scripture verse design every day.

She blogged and sold her designs and gave all the proceeds to,
an organization which supports Bible translation for those
who don’t yet have the Scriptures in their own language.

Check out her website and her shop.

Take note of the clever way in which Jill used something as simple as doodling
and as profound as her 27th year of life
to impact others and to make the Word of God known.

What can you use?

[all images: used by permission.]

2 thoughts on “year 27

  1. What a great collection. And yes those who have scripture memorized or written in their homes might not know Jesus. Yet I know the Word of God will never go out in the world without producing fruit. Thanks for sharing with the Cozy Reading Spot

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