One Year Ago {giveaways}

One year ago today, I began an experiment.

Plan: Convert my Scripture-study love into words so that others become infected with joy.
Step 1: Create a blog.
Step 2: Post twice a week.
Result: If people read it, maybe they’ll be encouraged and equipped to saturate themselves with Scripture.
If people don’t read it, I’ll still learn a crazy lot by simply expressing what God, through his holy and amazing Word, is teaching me. {Time not wasted.}

An amateur blog and over 100 posts later, and I pray I’ve reached my goal in some small way. And so a celebration is in order.

But first, allow me to thank you, my readers. Many of you have offered such kind words of encouragement, have bravely contributed to my crazy discussions, and have graciously shared my posts. Thank you, thank you! Your response tells me that this site might be making a small difference, and that’s my prayer.

Yes, one year in, I am continually amazed by who God is and by the Word he has given, and I am beyond grateful to have acquired a small writing space in this vast, overwhelming thing called the “internet” to tell about it.

Heading into year two, I have new goals and plans of action, and there are some changes in store. {Not to mention a new look for the site – my second amateur attempt. How do you like it?} I pray JourneyoftheWord continues to lift you up and to empower you to search diligently, to walk faithfully, and to revel in the joy.

Now, to celebrate, I’m gonna try this new-fangled thing called “giveaways.” Because my dear readers need more fun Scripture-study stuff, yes?

Follow the instructions below to enter to win one of FOUR giveaways!

{Winners will be selected at midnight on October 3 and announced here on October 4. Winners will be notified by email. Giveaways #1, #2, & #3 will be shipped by mail, Giveaway #4 by email.}

Let the celebration begin!


TWO Albums by Seeds Family Worship {$13 value}

If you don’t know about Seeds Family Worship, click here.
You must know.

Click here to enter to win Seeds Family Worship’s
first album, Seeds of Courage, and last album, The Word of God.

{Congrats to Cody L, the winner of this giveaway!}


A Set of 7 Study Maps from {$13 value}

Because maps are super fun. Found out more here.

Click here to enter to win an entire set of bibback‘s Regional Study Maps.

{Congrats to Robbie R, the winner of this giveaway!}


“The Greatest Book You’ve {N}Ever Read” by Marjorie Jackson {$18 value}

Recommended for girls ages 10-18, this delightful book
also comes with a package of colored pencils to get you started!

Click here to enter to win this package.

{Congrats to Amy E, the winner of this giveaway!}

rejoice 1 thes etsy

A “Glory Designs” Scripture Print {$5 value}

From our Scripture designer friend, Anne, of Glory Designs,
comes a Scripture print of my choice!
{Not necessarily the prints shown above.}

Read more about her shop here.

Click here to enter to win the Scripture print.

{Congrats to TJ M, the winner of this giveaway!}

{Here’s to year two!}

 [image credits: Seeds Family Worship, Marjorie Jackson, Glory Designs, &]

9 thoughts on “One Year Ago {giveaways}

  1. I didn’t get in on your full year, but have certainly enjoyed the time I have. I still think you need to compile them and publish them.


  2. I was re-reading your early posts and can identify with growing up around scripture and feeling like I know it well but needing to find the joy in the reading of it.


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