2017 Memory Challenge

Welcome to our 3rd Annual Memory Challenge!

The Challenge is to memorize a chapter of God’s Word in the month of January – approximately 31 verses in 31 days.

I am particularly excited about this year’s Challenge passage, because it’s from the Old Testament – a fascinating chapter about this one particular tree which offers long life, riches, honor, and peace.

Any guesses?


Now, lest you think Proverbs 3 is a weird choice, check back at the end of the Challenge as I reveal a wacky experiment I performed with these 35 verses . . .

Yes, Proverbs 3 has 35 verses – and January has 31 days – so you’d better get started! The verses are short, and you’ve likely already memorized 2 of the 35, so no biggie, right?

How to Complete the Challenge:
1} Print a copy of the Challenge passage so you can carry it around with you {index-card sizes work great!}.
2} Find a few minutes each day to memorize one verse {verse 1 on Jan 1, verse 2 on Jan 2, etc.} . . . plus an extra verse here or there.
3} Review all verses previously memorized, such that you can recite all verses word-for-word until you reach the verse for that day.
4} Don’t forget to actually think about and study the passage somewhere along the way.
5} For daily reminders, encouragement, and more, join the Challenge Facebook page.
6} To complete the Challenge, quote the entire passage word-for-word to a friend by midnight, February 1.

{FUN TIP: Check out these songs from The Verses Project to help you memorize verses 9-10 & verses 11-12.}

How to Join the Challenge:
Please leave a comment below to join the Challenge {you can just say, “I’m in!”}. You will receive an email within 24 hours with all the details. A small gift will be awarded to each person who completes the Challenge.

And don’t forget to share and invite {using the social media buttons below} so others can join, too!

 [image credit: unsplash.com & journeyoftheword.com]

40 thoughts on “2017 Memory Challenge

  1. Verse 5 was a friend’s base verse as her husband fought a battle with brain cancer. It will always make me think of her. Have a great (and wise!) new year.

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  2. To have His word written upon my heart has been one of my prayers for a long time. Memorizing and studying is the way to do it (and application). Thanks for linking your challenge up with Grace and Truth.

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