The Only Explanation I Have

Sometimes I wonder whose life I’m living. The events of the past few years just don’t make sense.

I have seen crazy, incomprehensible, obvious things.

I have made outlandish alterations to my plans and poured out more than I have to give.

I have possessed a spiritual awareness that is mind-boggling, strange, and surprising.

A compelling compassion has come out of nowhere.

My soul has a peace and confidence and urgency I’ve never known.

And I assure you, these things are not my own.

Many years ago, I was given a new heart.

Righteous instead of sinful.

Holy instead of wicked.

Pure instead of stained.

This heart came from God himself.

And then, just a few years ago, this new heart was awakened.

Empathetic instead of complacent.

Unselfish instead of controlling.

Living and choosing as though by another means.

Prompted by a gracious measure of Truth pulsing afresh through my veins.

This heart comes from a life soaked in the Word.

And that is the only explanation I have.

I watch, as if from a distance,
eyes glazed with wonder
at the Word alive in me.

May my prayer ever be . . .

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