Organic Eggs and My Taste for CCM

Seems eggs can’t just be cracked and scrambled these days. First, my contentious friends are asking: In what order should they be removed from the carton? Balance must be maintained, they say. Then, in another conversation, one friend says organic eggs are so much better. I haven’t eaten them enough to know, but I’m kinda worried they’d ruin my taste for the “cheap imitation” my pocketbook enjoys.

I just spent a weekend away at a wonderful conference. The Christian’s dream experience. Phenomenal speakers, rich content, valuable resources, and top-notch music. I joined over 8,000 voices in worship, and as a musician, I will tell you, the artists’ performance was impeccable. Flawless transitions, tight vocals, energizing, passionate expression. It was all there.

And I struggled so hard to worship because I just don’t have a taste for that stuff anymore.

And by “that stuff,” I don’t mean worship. I don’t mean that I’m done with singing to the Lord, or I’m done with CCM, or I’m done with fancy church bands.

It’s just that I’ve sung the original, pure Word of God himself. Scriptures sung.

When you’ve tasted the real thing, everything else pales in comparison.

The same holds true for studies and books and blogs. If it ain’t a copy of the Word, I struggle to want to read it. Not because there isn’t truth there. Not because it’s not worthwhile reading. But because it’s just not the Bible. And the Bible is gold.

Like organic eggs. Only, I’m not recommending you up your breakfast budget. I’m recommending you experience the Word to the extent that your newly trained taste buds aren’t real thrilled with anything less.

So that when your book shelves grow, they fill with that which is most stable and Word-ward. When you click links on social media, you’re drawn to the rare, real stuff. When you sign up for studies, your heart demands the Word itself. And when you grab your earbuds and put on your usual jam, you realize the Christian radio fluff has lost its charm, and you ache for the worship of the Psalmist.

This is when your taste is just about right.

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2 thoughts on “Organic Eggs and My Taste for CCM

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh
    Bible + other = book.

    When God speaks through His word it’s different than reading a book= Bible+other.
    And like you said once you’ve tasted the truth , the Good, ….Christ… What else can compare.. But other things that compete with your time.

    Farm eggs don’t compare with store eggs 🙂
    There has been,a test going on a few years ago with orange juice, that most of the orange juice has added flavor( storing orange juice in,big storage tank for a time looses flavor). And since people drank the flavored stuff for years. They didn’t like the true stuff.


  2. And when you’re singing the Psalms (unless it’s a very loose, inaccurate paraphrase), you’re offering worship that you know is acceptable to God.
    The Psalms have the Lord Jesus Christ Himself speaking of His sufferings, something no hymn about Him has.

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