December Deals 0.1

Welcome to the first edition of December Deals,
where we bring you Christmas-n-Truth – for FREE!

First a few songs, then something to share with family and friends, neighbors and strangers!

#1 : A Christmas song from the Gettys.
Authors of In Christ Alone and many other essential songs for the church.
Just witnessed their Christmas concert, Joy: An Irish Christmas, for the third time, and wow.

This is a beautiful expression of Mary’s Song. Look up Luke 1:46-56 and follow along.

#2 : A Christmas song taken directly from Luke 2:8-14,
from my favorite Scripture-song artists, Seeds Family Worship.

Download the audio FREE here.

{And purchase the music video ($4.99), preview below.}

And just a reminder that Seeds has the best deals year-round.
Albums are always 2-for-1. Frequent sales. Speedy shipping. Stocking stuffers?

#3 : A nifty tool to tell the Christmas story using the words of Christ himself!

A friend of mine created this two-sided collection of Scripture passages
to help you spread the truth about the first coming of Christ using your very own creativity.
Add them to your goodies and gifts . . . offer one to the cashier or mailman . . .
pass them out at a parade, mall, or nursing home . . . print them up and keep them handy!

FREE download here.
{Also, click here for an evangelistic Christmas quiz.}

Happy December & Merry Christmas!


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