January Jazz 0.1

“Jazz” is rarely a part of my vocabulary unless we’re talking piano music.

“Jazz,” as a way of boosting your cold and dreary January?
{and because it starts with “J”} . . .

I can run with it.

#1 : mercyINK

These little art shops make me happy.

This one comes from Lauren Mills who skillfully displays Scripture
and sells her art to help fund her family’s adoption.

ADOPTION Scripture Print - Adoptive Child/Family Gift - Ephesians Bible Verse - Faith Art

Check out her main site here and her Scripture prints here.

Let Justice Roll Like a River // Scripture Bible Verse Print for Wall // AMOS

{And these little notecards. They’re my favorite.}

 #2 : The Bible Project

– FREE videos and posters that explore the narrative of the Bible –

The Bible Project

Lots of interpretation here, so proceed with caution.
My suggestion is that you dig deeply into the book yourself,
and then watch the video.
You’ll learn more, and the video will be that much more fascinating.

But here’s a 7-minute one to give you an idea.
A year ago, I spent several months in the book of Ruth
and wrote several posts {here, here, here, here, & here},
and then my pastor preached a series . . . on the book of Ruth.
There are at least five things in this clip that were completely new to me
{and one which will require some more examination}.
Wow, God’s Word is crazy massive.

More videos at jointhebibleproject.com.

#3 : To The Only God
{by Chris Tomlin}

I love discovering Scripture songs . . .
that are familiar songs . . .
that I didn’t realize were Scripture songs.

Performed by David Crowder and Shane & Shane,
this is an adaptation of one of my favorite passages,
the Jude benediction.

Pull up the last few verses of the book of Jude and follow along.

Happy January!

 [image credit: mercyinkblog.com, jointhebibleproject.com]

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