3 Years & 3 Giveaways

Hello there. Remember me? You may not have noticed that I vanished for a few weeks. But I did.

That’s because I needed time to get my head back on straight, and a few things in order, before I celebrate three years.

THREE. I decided to try this blogging thing three years ago, and it has taken me on a journey beyond my wildest dreams. So . . . I figure I should stick with it a little longer. But, first, to celebrate my third “blogiversary” . . .

3 Life Updates:

  1. I started two new jobs in the last year, in addition to my piano teaching norm. I now work at my church as an Administrative Assistant and Women’s Ministry Leader. This job was a surprise to me and an answer to prayer. I love my church, I love what I do, and God is stretching me and teaching me. Win-win-win. I also started working for Scarlet Hope, a ministry which reaches out to women in the adult entertainment industry. I counsel a few clients there, and as with the pregnancy center counseling I’ve been doing for several years now, this new opportunity grows my heart, causes me to weep, and gives me great joy and thankfulness – because God is working there, and side note, who am I??
  2. A few weeks ago, I moved! Just two miles down the road, but hey, spacious houses with hardwood floors are better than perpetually flooding townhouses any day. I now have a backyard, a porch swing, great acoustics for my piano . . . and I get to hear church bells twice a day. It’s enough to make me content with no dishwasher and old plaster walls of picture-hanging sorrow.
  3. My chronic pain is living up to its name, because it just won’t leave. But new this blogging year is my resolve to tackle this thing. To be persistent, find answers, keep trying, work out even when it hurts, start physical therapy, whatever it takes. And pray A LOT. Will you pray with me?

3 Blog Updates:

  1. So, check out the slightly new look . . . new “About” page . . . etc.
  2. And expect less-frequent posts because I have a crazy life. {We’re aiming for one every 6 days.}
  3. But, NEW FEATURE. Soooooo excited about this. I’ll soon be starting a monthly STORY feature, where ordinary people tell ordinary stories about how an extraordinary encounter with the Word changed their life. Click the “Story” tab in the menu if you’re interested in submitting your story.


  1. My new favorite app, in case you missed it. {FREE}
  2. My new favorite audio Bible. {FREE}
  3. This beautiful collection of weekly verse printables for your decor and Scripture-memory needs! {FREE}


  1. One “Love Never Ends” digital album from The Corner Room. 1 Corinthians 13, word for word from the ESV Bible, in a breathtaking 3-movement, 12-minute musical suite.
    Congrats to Vickie, winner of the “Love Never Wins” album!
  2. One faith-building block from Par la Grace. Love these little blocks, the reminders they give . . . and the reference on the side. [Please note: This giveaway will be shipped to residents in the U.S. only]
    Congrats to Bethany, winner of the faith-building block!
  3. One surprise item from What’s in the Bible?. If you’re a Buck Denver fan, you’ll be excited about this. If you’re not, you should be. If you don’t know who Buck Denver is, well. Maybe you’ll win and then you’ll know. [Please note: This giveaway will be shipped to residents in the U.S. only]
    Congrats to Helene, winner of the surprise item from “What’s in the Bible?”!

Leave a separate comment on this post for each of the following:

  1. Indicate which of the three items you hope to win.
  2. Indicate that you shared this giveaway on at least one social media site.
  3. Indicate that you shared a Journey of the Word article of your choice on at least one social media site {bonus entry if you share a second article!}.

Each comment is a separate entry, for up to four entries. The three winners will be chosen randomly at midnight (EST) on October 1, announced on this post, and contacted by email. {If winners do not respond within a week, new winners will be chosen.}

Thanks as always for stopping by my blog! Year FOUR, here we come!

11 thoughts on “3 Years & 3 Giveaways

    1. Hi, Bethany! We had another winner for the “What’s in the Bible?” giveaway, but I would love to send you the faith-building block from Par la Grace, as there were no entries for it! Are you interested? If so, I’ll get it sent out today!


    1. Hi, Vickie! You have won the digital Corner Album, “Love Never Ends”! You should receive the needed info via email. If you don’t get this info within a few days, please let me know! Enjoy!


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