hebrews in numbers

The book of Hebrews is just the right size. Long enough to get lost. Short enough to find a way to keep from getting lost. Solution? Chapter-number pictures, of course. No more of this “I think that’s in Hebrews somewhere” stuff. Alright, this is a test of your Hebrews knowledge. And a test of my … More hebrews in numbers

2018 Memory Challenge

Welcome to our 4th Annual Memory Challenge! The Challenge is to memorize a chapter of God’s Word in the month of January. And this year, we’re memorizing a chapter – any chapter – of Hebrews! Each chapter of Hebrews is between 13 and 40 verses long, and any chapter qualifies, so simply choose your challenge … More 2018 Memory Challenge

But I Don’t Believe in Angels

When Jesus doesn’t make sense, some get annoyed. Me? I jump up and down with excitement. Because, folks. Jesus always makes sense. Sometimes his approach or choice of words doesn’t make sense to me. But no biggie, because puzzles like that are way fun. So . . . I need your help with this one. Mark 12. … More But I Don’t Believe in Angels

Your Tablet & Your Heart

You know that wireless, portable, touchscreen device that’s smaller than a laptop and larger than a cellphone? Here’s a question for you: Is there a “tablet” in the Bible? Short answer: yes. But of a slightly different kind. Read the following verse from Proverbs 3, and tell me if you know what kind of tablet … More Your Tablet & Your Heart

Why the Scrooge in Me is Leaving

If you know me very well, you know Christmas music is not my thing. Certainly not before Thanksgiving. Most definitely not after Christmas. Same with Christmas decorations. Except that it’s such a pain to put up a Christmas tree, artificial or not, the sneeze-inducing thing must be on display for at least a full month to … More Why the Scrooge in Me is Leaving